Mark Walks LEJOG Day 10 – Okehampton to Coleford

Hullo. How are you? I hope you are having a good day. I’m Mark and I’m walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats…

I started the day by popping to the bank after discovering the first place I’ve come across in years that would only accept cash. I put my card into the ATM, typed in my PIN and the machine promptly swallowed my card and said it would not be returned. I called my bank and a helpful operative with a Glaswegian accent happily informed me a new card would be sent to my home address within 5 days. I explained this was not a great deal of help in my current situation, but that didn’t sway anything.

So, with just four quid in my pocket, I headed out of Okehampton, up a long hill to Stockley Hamlet, where I stumbled across an excellent farm shop serving breakfast in its cafe. I took the opportunity to stuff my face before heading out across farmland.

The walk from Okehampton to Coleford is around 17 miles, starting with pleasant footpaths along undulating hills.

I passed through the perfect little village of Taw Green, where a farmer was repairing a cobbled path and his neighbour was busy at work in her garden.

A steep and very wet path climbed from the village to the farm at Wickington. A young farm yard was caring for newly born lambs while an elderly farmer offered her unwelcome advice.

Spreyton village claims to be the burial place of Old Uncle Tom Cobley, and there is a grave stone marked with the name, but there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether this is the same person as the character from the famous folk song. Still, the village appears proud of the connection.

I joined the Two Moors Way for a while and was offered a drink and somewhere comfortable to sit a while as I passed the house of a friendly woman. No matter how often it happens, the kindness of strangers always has the power to bring a feeling of joy.

Passing through Colebrooke and its pretty church meant it was only a short way to Coleford.

I arrived in Coleford, a beautiful little hamlet, and checked in to the New Inn to a friendly welcome and a hearty supper.

The Day 10 Vlog

Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support

As I walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats, I am hoping to raise £10,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support, who do such a wonderful job of supporting families through the most difficult times. If you are able to spare any amount and would like to donate to MacMillan, please do so through my Just Giving Page.






3 responses to “Mark Walks LEJOG Day 10 – Okehampton to Coleford”

  1. Atul avatar

    My bank cancelled my card in Buenos Aires as they suspected fraud and sent a replacement to my London address. Utterly useless there! They didn’t even tell me about it forced me to call them on a landline to resolve the issue. At £2 a minute on roaming and 10 mins later, Three UK cut the call off to save me from roaming charges. I made a formal complaint to the bank and they still insisted I call them up on a landline. Eventually I found a workaround by buying Skype to landline credit.

    Hope the cash situation gets better. Been following your daily videos and it is so pleasant to be discovering the greenery of the UK.

    1. Mark avatar

      Banks really are a law unto themselves. They know they have everybody trapped and so don’t give two hoots about good customer service.

      1. Atul Rana avatar

        Yes, I had a stand off with the bank where they insisted I call their landline. Who does that from abroad these days? They’ve shut down all public calling office type phones in Buenos Aires. Anyway, hope you get a new card to you in person or are able to use a virtual one.

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