Mark Walks LEJOG Day 28 – Northwich to Warrington

Hullo. How are you? I hope you are having a good day. I’m Mark and I’m walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats…

I set off from the hotel on the south of Northwich bright and early and walked at pace through the entire length of the town. It was nice to see the whole town, having never been to Northwich before. It strikes me as a perfectly pleasant town and has a great facility to the north in the very excellent Carey Park.

I walked through the park for three miles or so in glorious spring sunshine and was warmed by the friendliness of everyone I encountered.

The park paths are all well maintained and easy to walk along, even for the several young mothers I passed who were out on early morning strolls with little ones in buggies.

The park reaches the canal at Anderton, with its impressive boat lift and peaceful neighbourhoods.

The canal section of today’s walk was very short, but still long enough to come across my favourite narrowboat name to date. The sentiment is spot on. Don’t leave your bucket lists too late.

From Anderton, it was onto pleasant (if a tad wet) footpaths across farms and fields. As my LEJOG walk progresses, more and more cattle are in the fields after spending winter indoors. The calves were all playful and excited today, but I encountered a few nonchalant bulls.

At Grimsditch, I stopped a while to chat to a fisherman who called over to me as I was walking by, curious to know where I was going. When I told him I was walking end-to-end, he beamed and recounted his LEJOG walk in the 80’s. He quizzed me on the gear I am carrying and compared it to the much heavier kit that existed 40 years ago.

Following the Delamere Way, I continued through farms in peace and quiet, reaching a stile and a steep flight of steps. Climbing the steps, the noise increased and I was suddenly on top of the M56 motorway.

The six lanes of speeding cars and lorries was an assault to the senses, but lasted only a moment, since I was immediately returned to my dream world as the noise vanished and I was in the beautiful village of Hatton.

Hatton is an immaculately well cared for community, with its pretty flower beds and abundant benches. Leaving the village, I came across a remarkable carving in an old tree, which epitomised the village’s sense of beauty.

The route then passed through Appleton Country Park, which I appeared to have all to myself. It’s a gorgeous area, with nice patches of woodland and great views.

It was then a stroll across Walton Hall Golf Course, where the walk is very well way marked to encourage walkers away from the expensive to upkeep greens.

Walking past Walton Hall and the Children’s Zoo, there was a soundscape of excited kids playing and doing obligatory Tarzan impressions.

The walk then took me through the very handsome suburb of Lower Walton, where the car du jour appears to be the Bentley Continental and other locals battle to stop them squashing the indigenous hedgehog.

Crossing the impressive Manchester Ship Canal, I then passed into Warrington at its southern edge to begin a couple of miles walk to the north of the town, where I am staying this evening.

Walking through the entire town was an interesting opportunity to see Warrington, a place I have only ever passed through briefly in the past.

The town was founded by the Romans as a crossing over the Mersey river and was a pivotal location in the English Civil War.

A handsome bridge crosses the Mersey in the town centre and commemorates some of the history of Warrington.

The town was bustling and local businesses appeared to be doing a roaring trade. I walked through the town centre and beyond the central railway station towards the north of town, where I found my hotel for the night after a fantastic day’s walk.

The Day 28 Vlog

Fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Support

As I walk from Land’s End to John O’Groats, I am hoping to raise £10,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support, who do such a wonderful job of supporting families through the most difficult times. If you are able to spare any amount and would like to donate to MacMillan, please do so through my Just Giving Page.






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